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From Cherry to Cup

Our beans came from local Areas in Indonesia like Bali, Sumatra, or Flores where there's a lot of volcanic activity, which is perfect to plant a coffee cherry.

Early in the morning farmer go to a coffee farm to start picking fresh red coffee cherries. They skillfully select the cherry fruit to make sure it meets the highest standards.

Freshly picked Red coffee Cherry then dip into the water where the good cheery sink and the bad one float, afterwards the good cherry fruit goes into the pulping machine, it separates the skin and the bean, but the mucilage or the meat fruit still intact. that's why we need to wash it.

In the washing process, we remove the mucilage of the bean until it's all clean with no or very minimum mucilage intact.

After we finish the clean up the bean separate it from its skin and remove the mucilage from it. The next step is the drying process, we dry it on an elevated tray so air can circulate freely from above and the bottom of the tray and result in a bean that dries evenly. since we put it in an elevated tray, it makes sure our bean is hygienic and the quality of the taste is pure.

After all those processes we remove the parchment from a drying bean, then we roast it using our special methods to pull out the best quality and characteristic of every coffee since different coffee origin has a different way to treat.

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